To achieve the best outcome from aged care planning, you’ll have to make a series of informed choices. This can be daunting when you also have to negotiate with nursing homes, work out the costs and how to fund them, and deal with the department of Health and Aging, Centrelink or Veterans Affairs. The most reliable way to achieve peace of mind is to enlist the guidance of a specialist adviser. We’ll show you how to maximise Centrelink or DVA payments and help you make an informed decision whether to sell the family home or rent it out.

At MD Financial Planning we understand the complexities of aged care planning and can guide you through all the options.

MD Financial Planning and its advisers can help you with the following:

  • Finding the right accommodation
  • Clarifying the varying costs of accommodation options and ongoing fees
  • Determining how best to fund the costs associated with care
  • Determining Government benefits
  • Dealing with Centrelink or DVA
  • Finding out what will happen to tax and pension benefits
  • Navigating Centrelink regulations which are subject to regular change
  • Deciding whether to keep or sell the family home
  • Putting strategies in place to help ensure the money will last
  • Helping with estate planning

Here’s a helpful link to the ‘My Aged Care’ website, which has been established by the Australian Government to help you navigate the aged care system.

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