Our Team

Mary De Angelis

Mary is the Principal of MD Financial Planning and has been a Financial Planner for over 10 years. Mary specialises in financial planning strategies for wealth accumulators, and senior Australians. Mary has helped hundreds of families with Aged Care Financial Planning and loves making a difference by ensuring those moving into Aged Care are protected financially.

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Petra Thompson

In her role as Financial Planner, Petra is passionate about helping people achieve financial freedom. Consistent feedback from her clients is that she provides an exceptional level of customer service, explaining complex information in a straightforward and easy to understand manner.

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Lucy Harrison

Lucy is experienced in all facets of financial planning with a particular passion for aged care financial advice. Lucy takes the time to explain and educate her clients about the financial issues associated with aged care. Lucy believes it is a privilege to be able to provide families with Aged Care Financial Advice at what can be a very confusing and emotional time.

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Nola Parcell

Working in Treasury many years ago, and having an affinity with numbers, she has undertaken further study, and is currently working through her financial planning degree. At MD Financial Planning she helps Clients and Advisers with support and follows up diligently, with all sorts of things. She is helpful and helps ensure that the best outcome is achieved.